A Word About Brokers

When buying used or refurbished equipment from a broker, it pays to be prudent. Ask yourself, "Would I buy a used car from this guy?" The informed purchaser checks out the candidates "track record." Some questions to ask are as follows:

Have you actually seen the equipment you are offering me?

Can the broker tell you the difference between refurbished, remanufactured and "as is where is?"

How long has the broker been in this business? How long has he been selling used wide format copiers, printers and plotters?

Where and what is the broker's facility? Does he have a brick and mortar production operation with support staff, production equipment and inventory or is he operating off of his kitchen table with a web page and a telephone as his only capital investment?

Ask for his references. Who has he sold to in the past? Ask for the name and telephone number of his banker. If you are considering a large purchase, ask for his Dun's number and run a credit report on him.

Ask yourself "does this guy understand my requirement and application?" Does he understand what a controller is and does or the difference between raster and vector drawing, a .plt and a .dwg file or what "A", "B", "C", "D", "E", and "J" size prints are or the difference in these sizes in American Standard, ANSI or Architectural format?

What are his professional affiliations? Is he an active member of the International Reprographics Association (www.irga.com) or his local Chamber of Commerce? Does he have a business license or a sales tax permit?

Ask his contemporaries in the business their opinions of his performance and character. If you are dealing with a reputable broker with a good track record, he can make the purchase of used equipment a pleasant, profitable experience. There are charlatans and opportunists in every profession; it is the wise purchaser who does their homework and saves themselves a great deal of heartache.
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